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Welcome to Travel Unravelled

Welcome to Travel Unravelled, a new blog designed to help you hone your travelling skills. Read on as seasoned travellers from all corners of the globe share the tricks and techniques they've picked up through years of experience.

Bazaar vendor, Iran. Photo by kavanadb

Bazaar vendor, Iran. Photo by kavanadb

We want to learn from your experience. The hard earned lessons from your greatest mistakes and successes on the road.

Sure, you know how to book a flight, check-in to a hotel and take a photo, but do you know how to respond when you are flooded by touts at the airport when you arrive?

Do you know how to tell the scammers from the helpful locals?

Do you know how to get the best deals on flights?

How to navigate around a city when all the maps are in a different language?

How to take travel photos that not just your mum would be interested in?

If you answered no to any of those questions, this is the blog for you. If you do know all the answers, this is also the blog for you. We need you as a writer! That's right, this blog is not just for you, it will be written by you too. Travellers writing for travellers.

We want to learn from your experiences. The hard earned lessons from your greatest mistakes and successes on the road.

If you are light on experiences but keen on learning, then go ahead and subscribe to Travel Unravelled. A steady stream of travellers' know-how will be making its way on to these pages over the coming weeks, months and years. Think of all the stuff-ups you can avoid by hearing about them here first!

A Travellerspoint Foundation Blog

This blog is a Travellerspoint Foundation project, which means that any revenue the blog gets from advertising will support the Foundation. In addition, Travellerspoint will be making a $5 donation to the Foundation for every blog entry that is published. Foundation funds are used to make micro-loans through Kiva to entrepreneurs in developing countries. As a result, your sharing of knowledge will not only benefit travellers reading this blog, but also will help development in some remote communities around the world. It's a worthy caused wrapped in a worthy cause.

Join Us

So please, join us on this journey. To get started, send our editors an email at unravelled [at] travellerspoint [dot] com. Let them know a bit about yourself, maybe some writing samples and ideas for entries. They will review your submission and if you fit the bill they will welcome you to the team.

With that, let the unravelling begin.

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WOOHOO!!!! TU is now live - way cool!!! Looking at both articles - kudos to the Editor(s) too! I like the pull-quote thing a lot. Let the new article submissions roll in so TPF can keep making Kiva loans.

Excellent stuff!!!!! ;-)

by Isadora

Oh, so this is where all the fun is! :) Looks like I'll be hanging out more often!

by tway

Keep 'em flying.

by Piecar

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